Christmas tea


Often, it’s the little things.

(These mugs are from the factory shop, found when visiting Stoke with some of my best friends two years ago.  They are slightly imperfect and I love them.  (The mugs.  Although I could probably say the same about my friends!).  The teacosy is from John Lewis, bought on my way home for Christmas last year.  I’d almost given up on finding the perfect sauté pan for my dad (his request) and thought I would have to give him some books – which, as usual, he would probably have read already.  I stopped at John Lewis as I passed High Wycombe, in search of kick tape.  They had just the right pan, and next to it this cheery snowflake-embroidered range of kitchen goodies, all on sale!  Perfect.

The tea in the teapot was a present from a friend, brought back from Sri Lanka where she was visiting her grandparents, measured out with a tea scoop from another friend, a Christmas present a few years ago.  Friendship and festivity in every sip).

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10 Responses to Christmas tea

  1. miss b says:

    Those mugs are so cute and festive. I could just imagine drinking hot chocolate and warming my hands around them. I keep meaning to buy some Christmas mugs.Cute tea cosy too.

  2. Philippa says:

    I find the traditional mugs with a wide base particularly comforting to hold. (Although I have a friend who finds them quite disconcerting as he always thinks that the coaster has got stuck to the underside of the mug! Not that we really use coasters in this house … :-/ )

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. rusty duck says:

    That JL store had a lot of my money in a former life, perfectly located too. I love your mugs!

    • Philippa says:

      Thank you! The EB factory shop is amazing – although not as wonderful as Burleigh, if that’s your kind of thing. Some friends and I spent a day visiting the Stoke potteries a few years ago; it was absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend it.

  4. haggiz says:

    Gorgeous mugs and love the tea cosy… wish I liked tea! Julie x

  5. Oh now I really feel like a nice cuppa! Haven’t had a pot of tea in ages, they do more the mugs here in America and some people even put milk in their herbal – or ‘eeerbal as they say

    • Philippa says:

      Someone once put milk in some mint tea they made me. It was pretty weird. I drank it anyway (thinking to myself all the time, ‘How terribly English of me not to say anything,’ and ‘I feel like a witch, drinking green milky tea.’)

      Pots of tea are brilliant. I make myself one on mornings when I’ve got time to drink more than one cup in a row before leaving the house, or weekend afternoons when there are two of us – or obviously when a friend comes for tea! I like the ritual of it, and I think the tea tastes better.

      Hope you can find time for a pot of tea over Christmas. xx

  6. tiffany rose says:

    I’m reading through your posts I’ve missed and enjoying them like a pot of tea. Love tea. Bought myself big bags of eight different kinds as Christmas present to self, the camomile citrus I’m having right now is especially lovely (but milk to it would be weird).

    Friendship and festivity in every sip. Love that.

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